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Lancôme Rose Milk Face Mist

Lancôme Rose Milk Face Mist

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Lancôme Rose Milk Face Mist is a refreshing facial mist that provides 24-hour hydration and improves makeup results as it instantly soothes, comforts, and illuminates skin.

Think of a face mist similarly to a face toner. A mist is meant to help boost skin's radiance by help surface skin absorb all the "good stuff." Its a refreshing, hydrating and skin-nourishing.

Skin will not only have the appearance of more even tone, but, will feel softer, smoother and suppler, while makeup will appear refreshed, blend better and feel more comfortable.

-It can be used to refresh facial skin throughout the day.
-As hydrating and comforting as a face cream, this nurturing face mist can be used as a moisturizing toner, makeup setting spray and on-the-go for a revitalizing hydration boost.
-Made with Hyaluronic Acid and Rose Water, it transforms from a rich, milky face lotion into a light, makeup-friendly cloud that refines and brightens skin with a dewy finish.
-Face mists have a rich milky texture, unlike face sprays which tend to be clear and heavily water-based.
-The Rose Milk Mist uses a high-quality pump, a "panache" pump. It primes the product for optimal and satisfying results onto facial skin.

-Shake It, Prime It, Spray It.
-After spraying directly onto skin, it is recommended to leave on skin for 2-3 minutes, and gently pat off the excess mist without rubbing.
-If you don't want to spray directly onto the face, after shaking the bottle to prime the product, spray directly in front of you (and make sure to press all the way down). This creates a "cloud" of Lancôme Rose Milk Face Mist.
-Then, simply walk into it (just like a perfume!)

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