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Klorane After-Sun Enhancing Cream

Klorane After-Sun Enhancing Cream

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Monoï and organic Tamanu oil combine with illuminating pigments in a creamy 96% natural after-sun cream, which enhances the skin of the body and face after exposure. Soothing and antioxidant, its ultra-sensory formula nourishes, repairs and protects the epidermis from photoaging while prolonging the tan*. The complexion is radiant and iridescent, the senses awakened by a perfume with sensual and vanilla notes.


The non-greasy and non-sticky texture leaves a very soft and satiny veil on the skin, delicately scented. Its little extra? Its case which uses 77% less plastic.


- Soothes: coconut oil and vegetable glycerin reinforce the moisturizing and restorative action of Organic Monoï and Tamanu. The skin is soothed and deeply nourished after exposure.
- Protects: thanks to its antioxidant action, the After-Sun Cream protects the epidermis from skin aging, prolongs and enhances the tan.
- Sublime: its formula with iridescent glitter prolongs the tan* with an immediate sun-kissed skin effect. A radiant, tanned complexion, even after summer.

Apply to clean, dry skin. Massage to penetrate. With its non-greasy, non-sticky and creamy texture, the after-sun cream will immediately give the skin a sunny and iridescent appearance. Avoid contact with eyes.

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