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Garnier Pure Active 3 in 1 - Wash, Scrub, & Mask

Garnier Pure Active 3 in 1 - Wash, Scrub, & Mask

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Combining three benefits in one, the 3 in 1 helps target oily, shiny skin prone to impurities.

It is a 3in1 cleanser.
1) Used as a wash: enriched with purifying zinc & smithsonite, it deeply purifies.
2) Used as a scrub: with pumice, a natural exfoliating ingredient, it unclogs pores.
3) Used as a mask: enriched with absorbing clay, it uniforms and mattifies.

How to use:

1. Wash: Apply 3-in-1 to a wet face daily. Massage in and rinse thoroughly with water.

2. Scrub: Massage 3-in-1 in circular motions focusing on the forehead, nose and chin. Rinse thoroughly with water.

3. Mask: 1 to 2 times a week, apply on your face. Leave for 3 minutes. Rinse with water

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