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Clarins Clear-Out Mattifying Toner

Clarins Clear-Out Mattifying Toner

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What It Is?
Healthy In & Out Complex of nourishing Organic Coconut water and detoxifying Organic Alpenrose extract, plus purifying Organic Meadowsweet extract—to keep your skin balanced, and shine-free throughout the day. Tamarind pulp extract, rich in AHAs, gently exfoliates to smooth the skin's texture. Organic Golden Gentian and Organic Fig extracts soothe and hydrate.

Your VEGAN recipe—free of phthalates, parabens, and sulfates—for skin that looks healthy, shine-free, and refined. An essential step in your My Clarins mattifying routine.

• Skin type: Combination, Dry, Normal, Oily
• Texture: Lotion
• Use: Every day, morning and/or evening.
• Mattifies, purifies, and balances
• Gently exfoliates with Tamarind pulp extract rich in AHAs
• Soothes and hydrates
• Leaves skin looking clean, matte, and radiant
• Healthy In & Out Complex feeds the skin with nutrients and helps flush out toxins and pollutants

How To Use?
Apply after your cleanser, exfoliator, or mask to remove every last trace of product—prepping skin for treatments to follow. Every day morning and/or evening.

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