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Bioderma Photoderm BRONZ Huile sèche SPF 50+

Bioderma Photoderm BRONZ Huile sèche SPF 50+

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A BIODERMA innovation, the BRONZ complex stimulates the natural biological tanning process. In addition to its surface UVA/UVB protective activity (filtering systems), Photoderm Huile Sèche SPF50+ offers anti-oxidant action. Vitamin E protects the skin cells against damaging UV rays and prevents premature cutaneous ageing.

Several times a day when exposed to the sun
STEP 1 Apply evenly and generously before exposure (reducing the amount of product reduces the level of protection).
STEP 2 Reapply frequently before and after swimming, friction or sport.

Avoid contact with fabrics. Apply to healthy skin. Spray into the palm of the hand before applying to the face. Do not spray toward eyes. Not suitable for pregnant women. Do not expose babies and young children to the sun. Over exposure to the sun can damage the health.

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