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Beesline Ultrascreen Cream Active Protection SPF 50

Beesline Ultrascreen Cream Active Protection SPF 50

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What is it ?
This non-nano mineral sunscreen offers full spectrum protection against UVA, UVB, and IR rays. Visible and water-resistant, it is specifically formulated for photosensitive skin such as children's, and highly recommended for all-day outdoor activities. Boosted with precious oils and beeswax to protect from dehydration and sesame and henna oils that offer natural sun-filtering.

What it does ?
• Nourish
• Hydrate

Why is it special ?
• Non-nano mineral sunscreen with SPF50
• Provides full spectrum protection
• Suitable for photosensitive skin, including children's skin
• Enriched with precious oils to protect from dehydration
• Ideal for outdoor activities and sun exposure

How to use
• Apply generously to your skin, 15 mins before sun exposure.
• Reapply frequently every 2 hours, and directly after swimming or towel-drying.

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