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Beesline Suntan Jelly Gold

Beesline Suntan Jelly Gold

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What is it ?
This rich golden concoction is specifically formulated to deliver a shimmery, deep, and long-lasting tan while deeply hydrating the skin. Enriched with a blend of potent ingredients, it leaves the skin nourished and glowing.

What it does ?
• Nourish
• Hydrate

Why is it special ?
• Rich natural concoction with a jelly texture and a golden shimmer
• Provides deep and long-lasting tan
• Enriched with fresh carrot extract and beeswax for nourishment and hydration
• Ideal for sunbathing and achieving a beautiful tan

How to use
• Apply generously to your skin before sun exposure.
• Reapply frequently, especially after swimming or towel-drying

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